Our Mission

To educate and empower our staff and students so that we are the hair authority that creates wealth of every kind and transforms the industry. A successful La Luma student graduates grounded in their technical skills, passionate and inspired, as a self-fulfilled and confident leader, ready to be launched into the world to achieve their personal and professional goals.

​Our History

La Luma Academy was founded to start stylists out on the right foot. Founder and Owner Andrew McAleese has spent 23 years in the salon industry, working as a stylist, salon owner and educator for manufacturers and distributers. In his experience, Andrew noticed the technical foundation and personal development needed to launch a stylist’s career had a lot of gaps.

In 2003, Andrew met Don Bewley, the founder of Eufora, and he became Andrew’s new mentor. Don was looking to find people who were really passionate about the hair industry, who wanted to take it back from the big companies, and who wanted to raise the quality of the experience and products available. Andrew and Don saw something in each other, something they really wanted to get behind, and grow together.

Andrew was mentored and trained, and then in 2004, he went on the road for 7 years educating salon owners, stylists and consultants in distribution, marketing and technical support. He also launched the Eufora brand in a variety of different markets in the US and Canada, and really saw the full picture of the industry from creating products and cutting systems, to best practices in working with guests on the salon floor.

Andrew learned so much about what was possible in the industry that he became passionate about sharing this with new stylists. He felt that he could empower people coming into the industry, so they could play a bigger game. He wanted to provide more opportunities for hair stylists to take ownership over their careers.

In 2009, Andrew bought a century old brick building on one of the oldest streets in downtown Guelph. In 2010, he started the first class of La Luma Academy, so he could share all his knowledge and skills in a unique way with new students. He integrated all the experiences he had on the road and as a master stylist into the La Luma curriculum. And in the last five years has recruited and trained the awesome education and management team that we have here today.