Experiential Learning

Academy students learn to be exceptional stylists in a powerful team, by integrating theory and practise through hands-on experiences, reflection, and connection.


Develop a solid grounding in technical theory and human relationship skills. Learn best through three different learning styles: seeing, listening, and doing. Read books, watch films, and dialogue with other classmates. Engage with the learning so you are an active participant. Put the ideas into practice with mannequin work in the classroom. Then up your game by applying what you’ve practiced as a team with real clients on the Salon Floor. Learn best practices from top notch teachers who are fun, interactive, and who work as stylists themselves. 


Your purpose as a stylist is to transform your guests so they look and feel great in between appointments. When a guest looks great on the outside, they can stand confidently to get what they want in their life. As students, you will gain the technical skills to help your guests look great, and the people skills to help them feel great. We focus on being present, relating, and listening, to build relationships with authenticity and generosity.


You will learn how to be a leader and mentor, so you can enrol others to own their roles. You’ll learn to delegate effectively, and work as part of an effective and efficient team, so that guests have a 5 star experience no matter what the circumstances. You’ll learn how to problem-solve, how to give constructive feedback, and how to respond and learn from concerns and conflict.


All this is designed for you to be a creator and master of your own lifestyle and paycheque. The beauty of the beauty business is you can make as much or as little income as you want, depending on how you show up. The impact of successfully integrating technical and people skills is generating a paycheque that supports the lifestyle you want. So you learn to work smarter, not harder, and you love your work, feeling rejuvenated and satisfied at the end of the week, instead of tired and burnt out.