Alumni Testimonials

Christy, Class of 2010

I was working as a camp counsellor, and there was no easy place for staff to get their hair cut. I had grown up cutting and colouring friends’ hair for fun, so camp staff started asking me to cut their hair at the site. So I started cutting hair with kitchen scissors out in a field, and I loved it!

After cutting hair for a few years out in the woods at camp, and completing a Bachelor of Arts in History, I worked for a year at a toy store. Here I learned to love small businesses, how to provide service and sell things. The toy store had figured a lot of things out, including systems offer consumer’s consistency.

At this time, I was playing a lot with cutting and colouring my own hair. I liked using hair as a creative outlet, a ways to express myself, and liked building on what was naturally their already. My hair quickly became my constant and best accessory.

I moved to Guelph, and heard there was a new hair school downtown. I hadn’t really consider it before, as I didn’t use a lot of make up, and didn’t think ‘green-conscious’ could fit with ‘hair stylist’.

So I went in to the Academy to check it out, and instantly felt connected. I realized that I could mix all the things that I loved about cutting hair with all the things I loved about small businesses. I learned that I could actually earn money from green-conscious ideas, in line with my values.