Ask your Beauty School

Want to be a hair stylist? Questions to ask your beauty school: 1. Will I be salon floor ready upon graduation? 2. When do I learn how to fill my chair and make money? 3. Which course teaches me how to manage my money? 4.… Read full post

Apprenticeship or Beauty School?

Apprenticeship or Beauty School? Which one is best for me? There are two different models of apprenticeship. One model is a full apprenticeship of 3800 hours which focusses on learning everything in a salon environment. The other model focusses on classroom learning and supervised salon floor practice… Read full post

Self Discovery

We are moved and up and running in our new merged location on Douglas Street and loving it. Our vision for 2016 is about building a successful La Luma community through enrolment. Enrolment is like an invitation to a party. Asking someone to be part… Read full post

Giving Your Best

What is “your best”? The best you can possibly give, with the knowledge and skills you have, at that place and time. I recently volunteered for a position that began to grow and morph into something different then I originally expected. And I began to… Read full post

The Art of Not Selling

Selling to me is when the objective is to get something in the hands of somebody who doesn’t necessarily need or want it. Selling is about the seller, not the consumer. It’s really about manipulation, bullying, and inauthentic strategies all designed to make a buck.… Read full post

Legacy: Don Bewley

There are few people in the world that truly stand out, that stand for others, that make a declaration for what is so, or what could be, even if there is no evidence. Don Bewley was such a man. 18 years ago, I had the… Read full post

Your Leader’s Back

I recently had this experience as a volunteer where the person in charge was failing as a leader. So I had a choice. I could complain about the leader and their lack of skills, the lack of value, the waste of time. Or I could… Read full post


I’ve never considered myself an exceptional hair stylist. I’ve often admired other stylists’ technical skills and quality. There are stylists with new tricks and techniques that are above and beyond the training I received many years ago. Recently, one of my long time guests, came… Read full post

The Integrity Question

How do you see the effect of your own leadership? It’s difficult to point at integrity. As an observable thing. Doing what you say you’re going to do. Following through. Honouring your word. One place to look is how your staff are interacting with each… Read full post


This was a momentous week at La Luma Academy. Imagine if you were a student in beauty school and you had the ability to be the #1 salesperson for a sales franchise before your training was even done? One of our students Annika did that… Read full post