Human beings have the unique ability to transform themselves moment by moment into a different way of being, that allows them to create their desired outcome. To me, this is the magic of humanity, warts and all: our ability to change from one state to… Read full post


La Luma is built on a foundation of education for staff, students and clients. Knowledge is power. La Luma means the Light. Education means shedding light on things that need to be talked about, need to be examined and explored. People remember 50% of what… Read full post

The Big Three

Running a business is really about the big Three: positive cash flow, a stable staff team, and the best possible outcome for your guests. Lots of companies can run a good business, but if it’s not profitable, it doesn’t survive. And there’s a difference between… Read full post


I recently took my wife and small children on a car ride to a cottage for summer vacation. I was nervous about the ride and how long it would take with two small kids. A change in the way we’ve done things. A new circumstance.… Read full post

A Tonne of Bricks

Ever felt like you’ve just had enough. Like you just had to make a stand. As leaders, it’s very important for us to make clear boundaries and clear expectations. And when they’re not met, to hold people accountable. And it might get really messy. Enlightened… Read full post


Ever felt like you were waiting for something big to happen? Do you ever get impatient, and wonder how it’s going to work out? You know when you’ve been pulling for something really big for a long time and it just doesn’t seem to show.… Read full post

Just the Facts Jack

How do you make business decisions? Especially big business decisions. Based on how you feel about it, the stories around it, what other people think? Making business decisions needs clear, cold, hard facts, not emotions. Get clear on what’s really going on in your business.… Read full post

Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

How long have you been dating your current boyfriend? Since you were in high school? Why do you keep it going? As a hairdresser today, you need to be self-sufficient. You need to be master of your own paycheque, master of your own mind, your… Read full post

Kit Kat Humanity

I need to give myself a break at times. Let myself off the hook. I’m only human. And I know at times that I’m going to show up as an assassin, ignoring, not communicating, taking people out in my life, when I’m stretched or upset,… Read full post

Go Ahead, Make My Day

I was in Carmel, California walking along the beach when I had my “f#&k it” moment and decided to open up a Hair Academy. And at the very moment, when I chose to be ok with losing everything, Clint Eastwood walked by. Clint gave me… Read full post