Risk and Rewards

For a client you’ve been working on for years, how do you keep it fresh? How do you keep them coming back for more? How do you keep people saying, “I love your hair.”

Creativity is critical for a salon to be vibrant and successful. It’s the lifeblood. It’s what sustains us, what allows us to maintain our vitality, and our passion.

Solving problems is being creative. It’s thinking outside the box about the use of different products. It’s cocktailing to find unique solutions. Taking risks with guests with new products and services you may not have tried before. Really pushing yourself to reach unreasonable sales goals by building authentic relationships with guests.

Creativity is beyond right and wrong, up and down, fault and blame. It’s bigger than all of that. It moves us beyond the boundaries of our own psychology and emotions. It helps us play a bigger game. It allows us to show up in a bigger context. It’s going to places we find uncomfortable.

It’s having a conversation with a co-worker that is difficult or intimidating. It’s following up with your guests to see how they’re doing with their new cut or product; and really being open to their feedback. Creativity is taking a class or doing a photo shoot that reveals new things. Really showing the world a side of yourself you’ve never shown before.

Reflections from Beyond the Chair
by Andrew McAleese, Owner of La Luma Salon & Academy

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