La Luma Academy is a Registered Private Career College that cultivates professional stylists grounded in technical and relationship skills.


LOW STUDENT-TEACHER RATIO: Students engage in hands-on learning from passionate instructors working in the hair industry.

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: Students become self-expressed leaders who are clear what they want.

SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Students learn important business skills to make clear decisions about opening up their own salon.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We are partnered with ethical product lines that are people and planet friendly.

EDUCATION: Stylists educate their clients so they can maintain the look in between appointments.

TEAM: Stylists learn to work together as part of an effective, resilient team.

COMMUNITY: La Luma has a strong support network for current students and alumni that provides on-going education and resources.

MASTERY: La Luma requires 1875 hours so that students are deeply confident and proficient in their craft.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: Students integrate their theory and practice by working with real clients on a professional salon floor, and reflecting on their experiences through writing, dialogue and group discussion.

CURRENT RELEVANT CURRICULUM: Our curriculum is certified to meet Provincial standards as well as current trends, advanced cutting, and colour artistry. We marry classic styles with current trends to meet the needs of a wide demographic of client needs on our salon floor.

VERY HIGH GRADUATION RATE: Our students experience both the benefit of success, and the learning that comes from making mistakes. Students learn technical, business & people skills they can apply to a full range of career paths within the beauty industry. Students graduate in charge of how, when and where they want to make their income.

VERY HIGH EMPLOYMENT RATE: All our graduates who wanted to work in the industry are successful in the industry. La Luma has a reputation of creating grauates who are sought after, salon floor ready, and a leadership resource for your salon. Trained in a multitude of roles.

La Luma Academy courses start in September, January or May.

Classes are limited to 12 students per class.

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