What to Expect

Be prepared for an intense, hands-on journey of creative discovery that will challenge, inspire and prepare you for the exciting career of hair styling. We are committed to making the learning process enjoyable and fun for everyone.

How do we do it?

You’ll learn in 3 different ways:


The process of making meaing from direct experience, or ‘learning from experience’. Students spend 8 month on our salon floor working as stylist. During this time, students put their newly developed technical skill to practice. With the support of instructors, students reflect on each service provided on the floor, looking at what worked and didn’t work in their service. We are committed to always finding the learning in every situation, and providing students with on going feedback and acknowledgements to support their growth. Students experience leading and mentoring throughout the program; with their peers, guest and community.


Students are taught systems, principles and procedures, for all elements of hairstyling. Service systems, cutting systems, colouring systems, business systems, provide students with a framework for every experience on the Salon Floor. Having a strong framework builds confidence, precision and consistency, and makes any problem or service manageable. Following their mastery of the systems, students are encouraged to challenge the rules of their systems. It is in challenging the rules of these systems that students unleash their creativity, while gaining a deeper understanding of their technical skill.


Our students understand that business is a way of being. The mood and energy you show up with everyday will directly impact the success of the day. For students to get the most out of their education and their career, they need a clear purpose for themselves and their future. Students receive support, feedback, acknowledgments and opportunities that align with their purpose. Students practice having direct conversations, being responsible for their actions, and being accountable to their team.


At La Luma, we believe in a team approach to success. Small classes promote individual attention and support for all types of learning styles. Typical class size ranges from 8 to 12 students, with three start times a year, in January, May and September.

Having 3 start times a year provides our students with the experience of being part of a team, mentoring and leading classes that follow them, and working in alignment with an entire organization. At any moment in the Academy their are 3 levels of experience happening; the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior.

Students are encouraged to support their classmates in the same way that successful salon professionals would support each other on the Salon Floor. Students learn that providing the ultimate experience for their guests is most important.


School days begin at 9am and finish at 5pm, Monday through Friday. Academy doors open at 8:45am, giving the students time to arrive and settle in before the morning meeting, or Huddle, from 9am-9:45am. The huddle is an opportunity for the team to prepare itself for the day ahead.

Following the Huddle, students move into their role for that day. For our Junior students, this is in class time with instructors, for our Intermediate and Senior students, this is Salon Floor time.

Students have a two scheduled breaks and lunch within their day. The times of these breaks are flexible, and often determined by instructor, or Salon Floor needs. The Academy is located within seconds of Guelph’s coffee shops and restaurants. Fridge space is available for students to bring a lunch with them.


To maintain a professional environment on our Salon Floor, our students wear black professional attire. It’s classic and creates consistency. It supports our guests being the ‘star of the show’, and our stylists as the secondary characters. It shows unity and creates a distinction between guests and stylists. And from a practical point of view, you’ll be glad to hide inevitable colour stains!

What is Professional Attire?

  • Clothing should be all black. A splash of colour is welcomed.
  • All skirt, dress and short lengths must be pass fingertips when arms are extended down the side.
  • No jeans, ripped pants, track pants or yoga pants
  • Silk-screened shirts must be paired with a more professional bottom (pant, skirt etc)
  • Closed toed shoes. The Ministry of Health and Safety requires that all students and staff wear closed toed shoes while working on the Salon Floor.
  • Hair must be clean and styled. No ponytails, no bedhead. Remember you are in the business of hair!
  • Make up can be clean and natural, or creative and fun.
  • All students are expected to be in game face by 8:45am – BEFORE the morning huddle (meeting)
  • All dress code is subject to the instructor’s discretion.


Guelph is a vibrant university town with plenty of rental housing options. Remember, La Luma Academy is located downtown Guelph. We suggest considering the following when choosing a place that’s right for you:

  • Choose a location close enough to walk to and from La Luma.
  • Choose a location that is on the city bus route.
  • Choose any location, and purchase a City of Guelph parking pass.